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Personalised Positive Discipline Support

Parenting isn’t always easy. It isn’t convenient and we all struggle sometimes. Children misbehave, shout, have tantrums, cry (lots), hit, kick, bite, disobey, refuse to listen, don’t do what we ask them to, argue… The list is endless. But you don’t have to struggle with any of these alone. I can help you with understanding yourself and your kids better, enjoying your role as a parent more and have a calmer family life.

PD Parenting Solutions offer personalised Positive Discipline support for parents and other childcare providers. By signing up for this, you can benefit from 6 weeks of weekly online or phone meetings with me. I will initially assess your family situation and needs and suggest a plan of action. You will then have a chance to try things out for a week, reflect and get more suggestions as the weeks progress. After the end of the 6 week period you will be more confident and comfortable as a parent with good understanding of your children’s needs, positive discipline principles and abundance of positive discipline parenting tools to use in almost any situation.

Curious to find out more? Contact me on 077443429076 or marijanaf@pdparentingsolutions.org or via the Contact page.

Price for this package depends on your needs. Please contact me to discuss this further.

If you don't have time to commit to 6 weeks of working with us, or you just have a specific question you'd like us to answer, you can book a Skype session (half-hour or an hour) with us for £50 per hour (£25 for half-hour).

Contact us on marijana@pdparentingsolutions.org to book now.

You can also send me an email. As a response, you will get a behavioural advice that includes an analysis of your current situation, bespoke behaviour plan and email support for a week (to clarify, answer questions, offer additional advice). This service costs £70.

Whichever package you choose,

I promise that you will:

  • Receive a non-judgemental and compassionate analysis of your family situation;
  • Understand your and your child’s behaviour better;
  • Receive a detailed, tailored to your needs advice to implement immediately;
  • Fill your parenting tool box with specific, practical techniques that you can begin to use straightaway;
  • Be presented with the latest information on child behaviour which is grounded in scientific research.

All of these will allow you to feel more comfortable and confident as a parent, and to enjoy your children more.

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