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Marijana Filipović-Carter - Who am I?

This is me according to my 2 year old daughter :-)

First and foremost, I am a mum. I am a parent just like you. I do school runs, packed lunches, bed time stories. I put plasters on, I kiss better, I turn into tickling monster. I love, I worry, I feel guilty. Often. I comfort crying children, I sometimes want to shout from the top of my lungs, I cry. I doubt myself. I’ve been there. I am there.

I am a teacher. I believe in power of education. I believe knowledge is power. This is why I spent years teaching in the classroom at various levels. This is why very few experiences can top the look on a child’s face when they finally, after hours of trying, get it. This is why having a part in allowing a child to blossom is one of the most rewarding and precious moments.

I am a parent educator. I read a lot of books about parenting, psychology, brain science… I take part in training events learning more about how different parenting approaches affect children. I think and write about day to day difficulties we as parents face and the best ways to respond to them. I believe that every parent has a right to know how their actions influence their children’s present and future. This is why I teach parenting classes and run workshops – to help parents empower their children to become people they want to be.

Marijana's Positive Discipline Story

I came across Positive Discipline 6 years ago. At the time, my then 3-year-old daughter was going through a challenging period of temper tantrums. I responded to this behaviour in the way most other parents did – I followed what Super Nanny and the ‘Toddler tamer’ advised and used the ‘naughty step’, ‘time outs’ and ‘counting to 3 or else…’. But using these techniques felt wrong. And the tantrums were getting more and more intense. Things started to change when my daughter said “Mummy, it hurts here when you put me to sit on the naughty step.” – as she said it she was pointing at her heart. That was when I started questioning these tools that we’d been told were going to do the magic.

This was when I came across the Positive Discipline website by chance – I am so grateful for that bit of luck! After having read numerous books on positive discipline and gentle parenting, I started implementing these approaches and the results were amazing. I felt significantly more connected with my child and she felt understood. And as a result of this the tantrums started to last less long and then occur less often.

I have been using Positive Discipline tools ever since and they have helped my family through some very rough patches - including having to deal with that same daughter being very angry and becoming physically aggressive when her younger sister was born; also while looking after my adopted nephew, who has a long list of behaviour issues and while teaching older teenagers, often with complex needs. After this, it was only a matter of time before I was going to become a Certified Positive Discipline Parent Educator!

Apart from being qualified in positive discipline, I’ve got a Masters degree in Sociology and my undergraduate studies were a mix of Sociology and Psychology. I am also a qualified teacher with years of experience. I constantly look for ways to improve and deepen my knowledge, and am currently contemplating doing a PhD on parenting. That said, I haven’t yet managed to get a qualification from Hogwarts on correctly waving a magic wand, so I can’t guarantee that your child’s behaviour will improve overnight! What I can guarantee is that working with me will allow you to reset your focus, and you will be left with specific tools that you can use to develop your parenting, which may then begin to change your child’s behaviour.

I love spreading the word about Positive Discipline to other parents and childcare providers as this role combines my two passions - teaching and training and changing the world by raising more caring, compassionate and responsible children. This is why I am looking forward to working with as many parents as possible. All you need to bring with you is a working voice, your experience so far of being a parent and a sense of humour. I’ll provide the rest.

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