Positive Discipline Parenting Solutions Helping parents to empower their children

What is Positive Discipline Parenting Solutions?

PD Parenting Solutions is a family run company, focusing on educating parents and other child care providers in Positive Discipline parenting principles and tools. We run parenting courses and workshops, both for groups and individual families. You can find out more about what we offer on our Courses and Other Services pages.

PD Parenting Solutions is also about making the ideas of Positive Discipline more visible in the community. We try to do this through our blog posts (you can read these on our PD parenting thoughts page) and through free lectures, delivered occasionally to various parent and child groups, schools, community centres and similar.

PD Parenting Solutions is finally about creating the ‘parenting village’ – a community of parents and other adults who share the same kind and firm philosophy of child bringing and want to help each other in time of need. To become a part of our Positive Discipline ‘parenting village’, please visit and like our http://https://www.facebook.com/pdparentingsolutions/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel page.

Is Positive Discipline Right for Me and My Family?

  • If you struggle with any aspect of parenting and would like to know more about age appropriate behaviour;
  • If you would like to know more about how your parenting style affects your kids’ present and future, and what the latest scientific research says about this;
  • If you’d like to move beyond time outs, the ‘naughty step’, and counting to three “or else…” and learn genuinely kind and firm parenting tools, that are respectful to both parents and children and teach life skills,

Then, YES, Positive Discipline is for YOU.

I promise that you will:

  • Receive a non-judgemental and compassionate analysis of your family situation;
  • Understand your and your child’s behaviour better;
  • Fill your parenting tool box with specific, practical techniques that you can begin to use straightaway;
  • Be presented with the latest information on child behaviour which is grounded in scientific research.

All of these will allow you to feel more comfortable and confident as a parent, and to enjoy your kids more.

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